What Are The Pros And Cons Of Recognition Of Prior Learning?

There is much more to the recognition of prior learning than the people know and it could be used in many things and could give you the advantages that you previously never even knew are possible to have. If you have the recognition of prior learning for a particular skill and you come across a certain good recognised prior learning which is offering the same skill set then you can achieve this certification without having to study for it. In this way, not only you save yourself a great deal of time and effort but you save a lot of money as well. Apart from having an academic qualification you can use this qualification to get an increment in the job or get a promotion. You could also use this to apply for certain job which previously wanted a certification.

However, for once you need to attain the recognition of prior learning by completing the certificate iii commercial cookery and this assessment is done against all the competencies for which it is applied. The assessor goes through each competency individually and map it to its related education and not only this but determines that which skill and qualification are related and those are kept and which are not related are discarded. If the assessor thinks that the mentioned or acquired skills and qualification which are approved and related are not enough then he has the right to reject the application of recognition of prior learning of the candidate for a particular skill.

However, the recognition of prior learning system is not as easy to implement as it sounds and not that it is not easy for the candidate but it is not easy for the assessor because he needs to determined that which skill and to what extent contribute in proving the competency of the candidate in a particular skill. Apart from this fact, the most important thing why many countries are still struggling with the implementation of the recognition of prior learning is because many surveys have been conducted to see that the candidates having recognition of prior learning are making their progress in the skill for which they have the recognition of prior learning. In most of the cases and countries the people forget what they have learnt and even when they have the qualification and knowledge they still do not have the competency of the skill then it is very difficult for the recognition of prior learning to assess the candidates like these.